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Tini Bigs Cocktail Bar is located on the corner of Denny and 1st Ave N. on lower Queen Anne in Seattle. (Image: Tini Bigs)

Tini Bigs presents new meatball menu

Tini Bigs, the self-described "2nd Best Cocktail Lounge in Seattle", is introducing a brand new menu, just in time for the Super Bowl. Most notably? A separate menu dedicated entirely to meatballs.

Located on lower Queen Anne, Tini Bigs has long called themselves the number two cocktail bar in Seattle. Why?

"We're a little more humble," said owner Keith Robbins. "Everyone else says they're the best, so we stick with second best. Always striving for number one though."

Robbins and Jed Lutge had the idea of bringing more food into the already expansive cocktail menu well over a year ago.

"We want people to know we're not just a bar," said Joe Zara, general manager. "We've got some great food too."

Indeed they do.

Along with a fantastically tasty duck confit and arugula salad, most impressive is the expansive Meatball Menu. Zara and Robbins had some fun with it, asking customers to 'Choose Your Balls"! Pork meatballs, beef and lamb meatballs, and a surprisingly tasty veggie ball made of cauliflower, garbanzo bean and pharaoh - that doesn't fall apart when you eat it.

Tini Bigs is rolling out their new menu as of today, and hosting a special #SB48 party on Super Bowl Sunday.