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Phorale is tucked inside a convenience store in South Park (Image: Ken Tran)

Do yourself a favor, head to this convenience store for your next meal

A lot of people pass by a convenience store in Seattle's South Park neighborhood every day and don't realize the goodness that's being served up inside.

Not far from the shelves full of socks and toothpaste you can find Phorale. Some call it the best kept secret in Seattle.

Friends and former roommates Young Cho and Jimmy Bui opened up Phorale after sharing a love for Asian and Mexican food.

"One day we were like 'Hey let's open up a restaurant in South Park!'" said Cho. "It's a very interesting location. We are inside of a convenience store that my buddy happens to own."

Cho says that people walk in, and don't know what to think. But that changes pretty quickly - like, as soon as they try the food.

"They are expecting fried food," said Bui. "So when people come in and see different fusions - they just love it. And once they taste the food, their minds are blown."

But Phorale doesn't just serve up awesome food. They also give back to the South Park Community with a development program for youth.

"We give teens who are in lower income families a food handlers permit and they come work for us," said Cho. "We figure if we can ignite some passion into these kids, then it works out for all of us."

It almost sounds too good to be true - but we can assure you that it's not. The owners are good guys who serve up seriously tasty food - it's as simple as that.

Seattle, you have to check it out.

8909 14th Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98108