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The most underrated brewery is Propolis in Port Townsend, Washington! (Image courtesy of Propolis House).

This Washington brewery is the most underrated in the state

Washington is one of those states that is picky when it comes to beer. With popular local microbreweries like Elysian and Fremont continuously delivering great products, it can sometimes be hard to branch out and try something else.

Buuut, we have a hidden gem to add to your list that was named the "Most Underrated Brewery in the State" according to Thrillist. Drum roll, please.

The most underrated brewery is Propolis in Port Townsend, Washington! Here's what Thrillist had to say:

Named for a resinous goo that bees use to seal honeycombs, Propolis takes its natural selection seriously, relying on local ingredients to craft farmhouse ale and gruits, an Old World-style "herbal ale" that has nothing to do with a Vin Diesel-voiced tree thing. These beers often eschew hops, meaning Propolis will rely on botanicals and herbs for flavoring, in addition to everything from dandelion bitters and spruce, to roasted chestnut, hyssop, and elderflower honey (plus the occasional Noble hop variety). In a state like Washington, that commitment to natural brewing is huge, and now that it has a GABF gold for American-style Brett hanging in its new-and-improved facility, word of this innovator's work should spread (ugh) organically.

Port Townsend is only a 1 hour and 45 minute drive from Seattle, so it's not too bad! Cheers, ya'll. For a list of an underrated brewery in each state, visit Thrillist online.