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After baking...Sorry in advance for the nightmares. (Image: Seattle Refined)

This Pennywise lasagna is an absolute nightmare

As much as we love pasta, this one may be too scary for even us! But to be honest, we are partly to blame - we literally asked for it.

We've featured Linda Miller (aka @SaltySeattle) on the show and site before - you may remember her as the pasta guru. Linda is putting Seattle on the pasta map with her creative and colorful creations made from vegetables and super foods. She even made a pasta creation for pop star Katy Perry. How cool is that?!?!

But we wanted something pretty specific - specifically ~spooky~ that is! We wanted to see if Linda could create the character Pennywise from Stephen King's "It", with pasta.


She definitely outdid even herself...

"When I was creating him, I had to walk away a couple of times," she said. "[I] needed to look at something nice, like a kitten or something."

In fact - so do we.

Much better.

So what is the dish actually made with?

"The black pasta is activated charcoal which is a hot ingredient right now, " Linda told us. "And the red pasta is a mix between beets and dragon fruit to get that particular shade of 'blood.'"

Terrifyingly delicious!