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This ice cream-filled donut in Mill Creek may break the Internet

We recently stumbled upon an article about a new magical dessert trend = donuts filled with ice cream.

How have we not heard about this unicorn of a pastry, and where can we find it locally???

We searched high and low all over the Seattle area, and we almost gave up...until a viewer emailed us the magic location: Chick 5 in Mill Creek.

Chick 5 is known for their amazing fried chicken - but we had our hearts set on something a tad bit sweeter. You guessed it!

Their "Oli Bun" is a warm glazed donut filled with ice cream, and then topped with FRUITY PEBBLES!

Co-owner Jennie Lee says the dessert has people coming from all over.

"At first people are hesitant," said Lee. "They are like 'what's up with a donut and ice cream and the fruity pebbles?' And then they try it and are like 'Oh my god, this is a great dessert!'"

We tried it, and umm. YES. It's a once in a lifetime experience (that you should probably consult your doctor about before indulging in). There are eight ice cream flavors to choose from, with fan favorites being Cookies N' Cream and Blueberry.

But let's be honest, anything with a donut is going to be good.

As one customer put it, "I guess if Mill Creek can find its fame in the Oli Bun, then that's a good thing."'

Like seeing people drool over amazing food? Watch the clip to see our team experience the Oli Bun for the first time.