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This Epic Food Truck Wants to Stuff Your Face with Cheese

Swords! Sorcery! and Cheese! If you want a magical lunch, you gotta check out Cheese Wizards, the epic food truck was conjured into existence by brothers Tom and Bo Saxbe four and a half years ago.

"It's a grilled cheese extravaganza," said Saxbe.

Sounds like heaven.

Since they are Cheese Wizards, they fittingly have a ton of magical-themed items, and all of their sandwiches are named after goofy Wizards (like their best seller, the Goblin King sandwich).

"It's a slightly spicy chicken sandwich, with roasted red peppers," said Saxbe. "[With} kind of tangier cheeses. A bit of cream cheese and an ementaller swiss."

Then, there's the the Voldermortadella, a New Orleans-inspired muffaletta sandwich with ham, olive spread, and provolone cheese.

"Our Forest Lord is a caprese style with a havarti base and mozzarella," Saxbe continues. "We make our own balsamic pesto aioli."

YUM. But, the Wizards also do classics; case in point - the Cheese Wizard.

"The simple sandwich is The Cheese Wizard but simple is an unfair thing to call it," said Saxbe. "It's got multiple cheddars on it. Mostly Tillamook, some Monterey Jack. It's just the best cheese sandwich you can get. It's just absolutely great."

So what goes into making 'the best cheese sandwich you can get'?

"A lot of love, a lot of care, really good ingredients, clarified butter, and our bread from Tall Grass Bakery in Ballard," said Saxbe. "They make some of the best bread in all of Seattle."

Oh, and don't forget the sauce! These magical potions, from Merlin's Magic Mustard Honey, to the Sriracha-infused Wizards Fire will elevate your sandwich to a whole new supernatural plane.

"But I gotta say the most satisfying part for me is feeding people," said Saxbe. "Seeing people enjoy the food we make, getting to meet new faces, and then stuffing them with cheese."