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However the thing that makes it so bloody difficult to limit the sauce-age (LOL OMG PLEASE TELL ME YOU GOT A GOOD LAUGH OUT OF THIS) is all the amazing breweries that are born in our lovely city. (Image: Seattle Refined)<p></p>

This Ballard brewery is the best in Washington state

Anyone else participating in Dry January? I am, and my editor is making it REALLY DIFFICULT with assigning me write-ups like this one...

Researching the best beer in each state? THANKS A LOT.

Thrillist did the heavy lifting (err - drinking?) and created a list of all the best breweries in all of the 50 states and Reuben's Brews in Ballard made the best for Washington!

You may know Reuben's as the locale for the annual Goats & Brews even, where baby goats and great beers have people lining up around the block to attend.

But they don't need the goats - their beer does the talking!

"Ballard’s Reuben’s Brews recently began expanding out of Washington, and for many in the Pacific Northwest it seemingly came out of nowhere," said the Thrillist article. "Well, more specifically, it came out of a garage in 2012, when its founder won the National Homebrew competition before Kickstarting his brewery. It’s only gotten better over time, and now it’s crept up as the best brewery in the world’s biggest hop region. But how? With one foot in PNW tradition and the other in Europe, it’s a brewery that delivers serious IBU factors for hop heads courtesy of its pitch-perfect Crikey IPA and a series of IIPAs that currently includes the intense Expat. But Reuben’s has also nailed it with its salty gose, the tart Hibiscus in Berlin, and a low-impact Belgian table beer. It also does ryes. And a barrel-aged breakfast stout. And a Berliner Weiss. Slow down, Reuben... it’s only been five years. Just kidding. Don’t ever stop."

What do you think?! Let us know and click here to visit Thrillist's list.