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There's a new, easier and cheaper way to wine taste in the greater Seattle area

My name is Britt, and I've lived in Seattle almost 30 years, and had never been wine tasting in Woodinville until last weekend.

This may not sound like much, but couple that with the fact that I've written about and/or edited numerous articles on the wineries out there, received ample press releases on the award-winning vineyards and bottles, and met several Woodinville winemakers who are absolutely delightful.

And yet, I never got myself out there. Why? Honestly - laziness.

To someone who has lived in Seattle proper for her whole life - Woodinville seems and feels lightyears away. And to wine taste there? Does that mean I have to Uber/Lyft? Or do I drive, wait until I'm sober, and then drive home? Or do I drive there and Uber home? Either way, it's timely and pricy.

That's what I thought until I got a little note from the folks over at Savor Seattle that they were launching a new wine-tasting app that was essentially a self-guided tasting tour of a handful of wineries in the Seattle and Woodinville areas.

The Seattle Wine Passport cost $59.99, includes tastings from ten wineries, and $50 of Lyft credit. You don't need to be a mathematician to see you're coming out on top with this deal.

The Lyft credit was what cinched the deal for me. Instead of driving out to Woodinville and worrying about how I would get around while drinking, and how I would get back - here was a built-in way! I started out my Saturday afternoon in the small tasting room at Martedi Winery, founded in 2008 by brothers Joseph and John Miglino. In fact, it was none other than John himself who was pouring for us that day, adding to the charm. Not only did I love the six different wines he had us taste (SIX!) but I walked away with my new favorite white. It's a blend of several of Martedi's white varietals, and I was not only infatuated by the taste (sweet, crisp) - but also by the name and label. Lavello Bianco, roughly translated to 'Kitchen Sink'!

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Next, we headed down the street to the epicenter of tasting in Woodinville - the Hollywood Hill area. Within just a couple blocks, there are eight wineries participating in the Wine Passport that you could choose wouldn't even need a Lyft. We went to the first one we say with a deck = Patterson Cellars. The pours here were also incredible generous, and a the vibe was slightly more relaxed than Martedi. Then again, Patterson was packed and we were the only ones in that could also explain a lot. I myself am not a huge red fan, but the friend I was with is - and she loved the 2015 Sangiovese she tried.

Ok, that's not the friend I went with - but I kinda wish it was.

Our final stop for the afternoon was just across the street at Alexandria Nicole Cellars. Their Woodinville tasting room is on the back side of the Hollywood Schoolhouse, and is one of three tasting rooms they have on behalf of their Horse Heaven Hills-grown vineyards. Fun Fact: they offer Tiny House Glamping ON THEIR VINEYARD which honestly sounds like a dream.

After three wineries, we were done. My body (liver especially) doesn't have the stamina it used to, and I felt really lame only being able to hit three of the ten wineries. But then I realized that the passport isn't a ONE DAY ONLY deal - still have seven other tastings I can redeem all in one day, over multiple days - even on seven different days if I'm so inclined.

Long story short - you're a fool if you enjoy Washington wine and don't participate in this passport. If I'm averaging that each winery's tasting cost $15, plus $50 of Lyft credit - this is about $200 worth of goods you're getting for $59.99.

MATH PEOPLE. It's a thing.

Getting the passport is as easy as downloading the Savor Seattle app on your phone, and following the prompts to sign up. Cheers, and maybe I'll see you out there! I do have seven more wineries to try out...