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Gil's Restaurant circa 1955. Gil's was located at 35th Ave SW and SW Avalon. Today, a KFC lives in the spot where Gil's once was. (Seattle Municipal Archives / flickr)

Photos: A look back at the last century of Seattle's restaurant scene

It's undeniable that over the years the Seattle city-scape has changed immensely. We are seeing the growth of the city unfold rapidly in front of our eyes with local favorites being replaced with new business ventures, condominiums, homes, and apartment complexes.

The Seattle Municipal Archives on Flickr fell into our laps and is a real gem. The folders are stacked with historical images of the Emerald City's past and present, and we cannot get enough of it.

As dining around in Seattle is one of our favorite topics here on Refined, we thought we should dive into Seattle's restaurant scene from 80 years ago to today. Take a peak through the gallery and enjoy the window into our beautiful cities past. Let us know if you remember any of these places! We'd love to hear your stories.