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The perfect wine pairings for a summer BBQ

Call your buddies, pour a few glasses of wine, and throw a brisket on the grill – you've got the perfect recipe for summer fun. And here at Seattle Refined, we want to hook you up with all of the right tools to ensure you're eating, drinking, and having fun all summer long. That's why we teamed up with David Merfeld, winemaker at MERF wines and Jack Timmons, owner of Jack's BBQ, to share BBQ tips and the perfect wine pairings to enjoy in this summer weather.

David Merfeld, AKA Merf, grew up on a farm in Iowa before packing up and moving to Seattle. He was hired at Ste. Michelle Wines Estates to brew beer and jumped at the opportunity to try his hand at winemaking. He's been perfecting the craft ever since and is thrilled to have his own unique label. His philosophy is to make everyday drinking wines that help others share an experience.

Jack Timmons appreciates the slow and delicate process of smoking BBQ meat. He decided to open Jack's BBQ in Seattle with his home, Central Texas, in mind. People that go to Jack's BBQ are looking for a sense of community, familiarity, and appreciate the home-town feel Jack and his restaurants provide.

And let us tell you – combining Merf and Jack's talents was an out-of-this-world, flavor-filled, perfect-for-summer meal.

Jack prepared a beef rib and chicken with mayo coating, complete with smoked macaroni and cheese and his famous Texas Caviar (black-eyed pea salad). Merf paired the beef with the bold MERF Cabernet Sauvignon to balance and enhance to the smoky flavors in the meat, and he paired the chicken with the MERF Chardonnay to integrate a floral finish.

Watch the video above to see the complete pairings, and learn more about MERF Wines and Jack's BBQ below:

MERF wines are created with 100 percent Washington state-grown grapes. Learn more at and search for your favorite MERF wines at a retailer near you here.

Jack's BBQ has several locations in SoDo, South Lake Union, and the Columbia Tower. Go to for a complete menu.