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Just "swoop and scoop!" (Image: Seattle Refined)

Refined Review: The Perfect Cereal Bowl?

The Refined team is stuck inside, just like you guys - and we're similarly trying to find things to do and ways to pass the time! John Prentice started 'Refined Reviews' where he reviews everyday household items (and more unique ones) - because honestly, why not. And we're biased but we think he's pretty funny.

Do you hate mushy cereal? If so, the Obol might be for you. It's a special cereal bowl designed to keep each bite of your breakfast as crunchy as the very first. It says "Made in the USA" right on the box and works pretty well.

Just "swoop and scoop!"

That's their tag line and even though this has been on the market for a while, I'm sure a few of you crunchy-cereal-lovers have never heard of it. If you're itching to get your hands on an Obol, its available nationwide and the only downside to the Obol is its rather large size and limited stack-ability.

To see me try to use the Obol while running, watch the video above. To learn more about the product, click here.