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Classes run the gamut from 'Edutainment' to 'Serious Food Enthusiast' to appeal to food fans of all levels. (Image: Herschell Taghap / Tom Douglas)

The Hot Stove Society: a new cooking school by Tom Douglas

In baseball parlance, 'hot stove' is the term for the offseason; where fans would huddle around a hot stove in the winter to gossip, talk baseball, and the rumors for the upcoming season. Which could be an apt name for Tom Douglas Restaurants' upcoming cooking school as they have announced the 'Hot Stove Society', where you can imagine a food loving Seattle market huddling around a hot stove to learn, eat, and talk food.

The news of Tom Douglas and his team opening up a cooking school has been in effect for some time. The gist is that Hotel Ă„ndra (home of TDR's Lola) would build out a cooking school at the hotel that ran the gamut of food and be a veritable how-to. Tom Douglas had previously hosted a summer camp at his Palace Ballroom for ambitious food nerds and when it was announced that they were ending the camp to focus on the cooking school, the food community waited patiently for more updates on the newly-announced cooking school. With the breadth and reach of the Tom Douglas group's team and restaurants, the range of classes and demonstrations should be as wide and diverse. At the helm is Bridget Charters as the Director of the Hot Stove Society and her background is from The Art Institute of Seattle.

Word from the Tom Douglas Restaurant team is that registration should go live soon, so be sure to check their website frequently as some of these classes are sure to sellout. Or follow their Twitter or Facebook for more updates.

The schedule for the launch of Tom Douglas' Hot Stove Society has released and there are a host of dates that should satisfy any eater and any level of curiosity or curriculum. Here are the classes (PDF) for this inaugural slate.