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Be transported to Italy with downtown Seattle's Gelatiamo (Image courtesy of Gelatiamo).

This gelato shop is a little slice of Italy in downtown Seattle

We were craving some ice-cold wintry bites, and what better place to visit than Seattle's own Gelatiamo!

Situated on what feels like the corner of 3rd and Maniago, Italy, Gelatiamo is a piece of Italian country in the middle of the city of Seattle. This unique operation is spear-headed by the passionate gelato expert, Maria Coassin.

Born in Maniago, a small town in the northern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy, Coassin is no stranger to the art of gelato. "I come from a part of Italy--the northeast of Italy--that is really famous for the gelato industry for a lot of equipment being built in that area, and a lot of people that immigrated all over the world, really, to bring the trade and passion of gelato," informed Coassin.

That isn't the only connection Coassin has with her passion. Gelatiamo sells not only gelato, but also pastries made from recipes that have existed in her family for generations! Coassin isn't the only one in her family with experience of owning a bakery. "I grew up in a family bakery that dates back over 200 years," Coassin shared. But, just to make sure her skills were honed, Coassin studied under a world-famous gelato maker four years before opening up Gelatiamo. It was under his guidance that she learned the science behind creating gelato recipes.

With unique flavors like Rice, salty flavors like Salted Hazelnut Caramel, and more, Coassin forms each recipe with her own expertise, and she is serious about using fresh ingredients. From organic milk and seasonal fruits to vanilla sourced from Madagascar, Coassin wants you to taste the best flavors imaginable.

People all over the United States are gushing about this Seattle spot, from Texas to Wisconsin and back to Seattle. Coassin wants everyone to know that her gelato is promised to be like nothing else you've ever tasted and, more importantly, it is all based in love and tradition.

"That's what I really set out to do when I opened up Gelatiamo was to have everybody that comes around the corner here at 3rd and Union to feel like they are stepping back into the little piazza, the little cafe in Italy where they had the good time with friends, family, whoever else and just remember that, and being transported to that."

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