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The Halal Guys' Falafel Platter. (Image: Courtney Keogh)

World-renown Halal Guys arrive in Seattle

Seattle, be prepared for another eatery that will have lines in droves. Be it ice cream, baked goods, or dumplings - there's just something about waiting in lines that makes the food better, right? At least, that's what we tell ourselves in said lines.

And there's no end in sight for Seattle and this trend with the upcoming opening of The Halal Guys first Seattle-area location when it opens on August 11.

If you haven’t brushed up on your history of The Halal Guys and their goal of global domination, it’s worth checking out by the fine folks at Eater. It started as a food cart in Manhattan, and they’ve since exploded with franchises opening across the country and around the world.

Seattle will get its first location in Pioneer Square, on Yesler off of First, when they open their doors on August 11th. And The Halal Guys are ready to welcome the crowds for their grand opening weekend. In fact, they have prizes for the devotees who are planning to line up early (The Halal Guys will offer up, to the first thousand guests in line, a chance to win exclusive merch, five of those guests will win free Halal Guys for one week, and one winner will have free Halal Guys for the month. That person will be the hit at the office.)

And lines will be out in force. Word of mouth is already propelling eaters to search out their food, and a big part of this craving is for their white sauce. A beguiling sauce that can be drenched liberally onto your plate, many feel its addictive quality makes them want to return again and again. Additionally, their red sauce adds a counterpoint kick of heat, smoke, and spice against the white sauce’s heft and savory qualities. Here's the thing about the white sauce; people like loading up on it as it makes a perfect binder with the rice, vegetables, and proteins.

The menu at The Halal Guys is pretty stripped down. You have your choice of either a sandwich or a platter. Then you’ll have your choice of either chicken, beef gyro, combo (beef and chicken), and falalel. And that’s it for the main menu. They’ll have a few sides, but those two dishes are the focus. And then you can add white sauce to your leisure. And as befits their name, the proteins at The Halal Guys is 100% Halal.

The Pioneer Square location of The Halal Guys seats about two dozen but is be best suited for takeout and the Waterfall Garden Park would make for an ideal lunchtime spot amidst the hustle and bustle of cars and pedestrians.

Again, The Halal Guys opens up next Friday, August 11. They’ll serve food until they run out and knowing the demand for The Halal Guys in Seattle, they will sell out. See you in line.