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Steph and Jeff Medina create gorgeous customized cookies that celebrate community during the time of Covid-19. (Photo: The Funkycold Co.)

Charming Cookies from Seattle Couple Bring Cheer Amidst COVID-19

Steph and Jeff Medina are the couple behind The Funkycold Co. Together, they create stunning handcrafted baked goods including cakes, cupcakes, macarons and more. These days, it's their artfully designed cookies celebrating community during the Covid-19 crisis that are generating buzz.

Seattle Refined: Steph and Jeff, you guys have been making cookies during this whole COVID-19 situation!
Steph Medina: We want to show our gratitude to the workers on the front line.
Jeff Medina: It just feels good to make a difference.

What are some of the COVID related designs you’ve made so far?
Steph: Well, there’s the big '#WeGotThisSeattle'. Then 'We’re In This Together' is another big one. Trying to play up washing your hands. The one that I made, 'Soap Suds Are My Best Buds' those have been some of my favorites.

Who have been some of your clients during this crisis?
Steph: We’ve done a lot of donations. We did a couple donations to Harborview, we’ve done some to Swedish.
Jeff: Seattle Children’s.
Steph: We made some actually for Bartell’s as a thank you for some clients downtown.

[See more examples of FunkyCold Cookies here!]

I have to know the story behind the name of the company ‘The Funkycold Co.’?
Jeff: We met and dated in high school and my last name is Medina. So every time someone would come up to me they’d always sing out the rap song ‘Funky Cold Medina’ by Tone Loc. So that stuck with us.

That’s so cute! And your cookies are more than cookies right - they’re kind of little works of art.
Steph: It’s capturing that moment, it’s been able to share that in a cookie form and hopefully it brings a smile to somebody and it inspires somebody in some sort of way.

What’s the process like for you guys?
Steph: It starts with a customer’s concept and from there we do a lot of conceptual designs, conceptual sketches. And then once we finally agree on something then the baking begins. Time wise for a cookie - a cookie design, it can range anywhere from five minutes up to 20 minutes on just one cookie.

What’s the feedback you guys have heard about your cookies during this time?
Steph: During this time, its super touching. We just got one this morning, it brought me to tears. I’m gonna cry now just thinking about it. That something - just a little three inch cookie... could brighten somebody’s day and all it said was ‘Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes - Ours Wear Red Vests’ and it was for a Bartell’s worker.

It’s more than just cookies right?
Steph: Actually it all started with cake. It started with one cake and we got really good feedback on it and it kind of went from there.
Jeff: Yeah it always surprised me, I didn’t know she could bake and be artistic in a food form so that was great.
Steph: Jeff makes amazing macarons!
Jeff: I learned how to do that.
Steph: We do cookies, we do smash cakes...
Jeff: Cake pops...
Steph: Oh cupcakes! We do cupcakes as well.

What do you love about what you do?
Jeff: The collaboration with the community.
Steph: And working with each other, that’s been a huge plus too.

You guys are awesome. Steph and Jeff thank you so much!