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The Food & Wine Best New Chefs of Seattle

Earlier this week, Food & Wine announced this year's Best New Chef winners. The magazine annually celebrates a few chefs around the country who are creating inspired, smart, creative, and delicious food. It's an honor for chefs and their restaurants to be rewarded their hard work and talent. And this year's group of Best New Chefs includes one of Seattle's own; Zoi Antonitsas of Westward.

Zoi has been charming the Seattle food set at Westward since it hit north Lake Union like a hurricane the fall of 2013. The idyllic setting and décor got people to Westward, but it's been Antonitsas' food that has kept people returning. From Bon Appétit naming Westward as one of it's Best New Restaurants in America last year and with this announcement of Best New Chef by Food & Wine, the accolades have been coming to Westward in droves.

With the Best New Chef announcement and Zoi representing Seattle, another Northwest chef is lauded by Food & Wine. And it hasn't been a one-off thing; over the years, the magazine has celebrated some of our brightest and finest chefs in the area. Here is a rundown of the other chefs that have received the Best New Chef (BNC) honor that ply their trade in Washington:

Food & Wine's Best New Chef roster is a who's who of the most notable and acclaimed chefs in the entire world. Chefs like Tom Colicchio, April Bloomfield, Thomas Keller, Michael Symon, Daniel Boulud, and Stephanie Izard are all in this select club. Now so is Zoi Antonitsas. What's exciting for Seattle eaters is that we have chefs of the highest caliber in our neighborhoods.