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Have you ever eaten at Dora's? (Image: Getty Images)

The best tacos in Washington are in Walla Walla

In order to find the best tacos in the state, a road trip is in order.

Dora's Deli in Walla Walla is home to the Best Taco in the State according to Spoon University (in other news, we'd love to attend said university).

Here's what the foodie scholars at SU had to say about Dora's Deli:

Delis are no longer the home of sandwich meat and chips ladies and gents. Tacos are taking over the deli scene. A Dora’s Deli their veggie tacos are the talk of the town and worth the trip to what may not seem like your typical Mexican eatery. Tacos are made fresh to order and piled high with slices of avocado on top.

Have you ever eaten at Dora's? There is little to no web presence, and we can't find a picture online of their goods ANYWHERE (above pic is a stock photo)! In 2017, that's quite a feat. If you have, let us know what you think and if Spoon University got it right! We would love to taco 'bout it. ;)