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Bada bing_1500.jpg
The Bada Bing! (Image: Gaard Swanson / Seattle Refined)

The Bada Bing Sandwich at this Interbay spot will make your mind go Bada BOOM

For 16 years, The Blue Heron Sandwich and Coffee House sits perched on this corner near Fisherman's Terminal. Sure, their espresso is fantastic, but it's their menu that's magic.

Most of the sandwiches are served hot, like the Philly Cheese Steak or their breakfast sandwich lineup starting with power special, sizzling turkey, egg, cheese, tomato and avocado on multigrain roll. Or the Meat Lovers Dream with sausage and jalapeno.

And if you like bacon, their BLTA is piled high...simply delicious.

Grace, Min and their daughter Sharon Choi literally run the business. There is no slowing down, from the moment they open the lines start growing, and the grill gets going.

The one thing you quickly learn at The Blue Heron, that the only thing better than the food is the love this family has for the community.

"What makes this special is that my parents really care about the customers," said Sharon. "My parents both make it really [a] family environment so people really love to come back."

The Bada Bing Supreme is the signature sandwich, on a 12-inch roll loaded with ham, bacon, peppers, onions - then add a monster helping of turkey and swiss cheese.

Loaded, piping hot and ready to go...bada bing bada boom!

The Blue Heron is located at 4001 Gilman Ave W. and is currently open for takeout from Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. through 3 p.m.