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You always need transportation when wine tasting - why not do it in a Tesla?! (Image courtesy of Tesla Winery Tours).

Tesla Winery Tours is the Walla Walla experience you didn't know you needed

Move over, limos.

There’s a new way to taste wine in Walla Walla, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to step out of a Tesla and into a tasting room while others look on and wonder how you got so lucky.

Of course, if you want to spend your day sipping vino with a group, the safest (and legal) solution is to hire a driver. And while there’s certainly no shortage of chauffeured transportation in Walla Walla, Tesla Winery Tours is second to none. Not only is it a truly unique and extraordinary way to get around town, it’s more reasonably priced than you might think.

Enjoy a ride in a Tesla from the owner of the Tesla Winery Tours with Chris who knows nearly everything about the wine industry in Walla Walla. It's a true two-fer with luxury transportation and a wine education.

The Tesla can seat six comfortably, and you can book it for as long as you’d like (although there is a four hour minimum). The flat rate is $99 per hour, and there are no hidden fees whatsoever. You can customize your tour to include your favorite places or leave it all up to Chris and his insider knowledge. He’ll also keep you comfortably hydrated, find your group a perfect picnic spot, and take as many photos as you’d like (and you’ll want plenty).

As Chris says, wine is a language spoken around the world, and he loves having the opportunity to meet people from all over the world who want to explore Washington’s incredible wine scene. That being said, you should never feel intimidated if you don’t know much about wine or you’ve never been tasting before. In fact, Chris advises all first-time tasters to relax and enjoy — no one will judge you if you spit or dump your wine. Hiring a driver is the safest and easiest way to get around the valley, and you’ll be in good hands.

And even if you’re not a big fan of wine, you can still take a ride in this Tesla. The company also specializes in nature, geology, and history tours in the area. Considering the Walla Walla Valley has a fascinating history, that would be a tour worth taking.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve visited these rolling hills and rows of grapevines, treat yourself to a trip this spring. Walla Walla’s unique climate allows for growing conditions for a wide range of varietals and styles, meaning you’ll find a wine or two you love.

To book an adventure with Tesla Winery Tours, send an inquiry on the website.