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(Image: Gretchen Bossio / Seattle Refined)

Headed to Vancouver? Visit Tacofino, you won't regret it

I need to get my husband a Tacofino shirt or hat ASAP. My guy isn’t a fan of much, but Tacofino stole his heart on our last trip to Vancouver. Truly, he will not stop with the taco chatter.

“I’m not one for flash or frills. I’m a simple guy. But Tacofino takes basic techniques and makes them shine. Their flavor and texture are on point! Super fresh, perfectly executed. Best tacos I’ve ever had.”

Actual quote from him, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Tacofino, you win every taco award on the planet. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

This taco-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar is unlike any taco place I’ve ever been. They say they merged their travel experiences with their West Coast roots when dreaming up their simply decadent assortment of creations. And wow, just wow. I could eat here all the live-long day and never feel quite satiated.

  • Guacamole - divine.
  • Nachos - bring on that salsa fresca and crema.
  • Albacore Tuna Ceviche - you are my true love.

And that’s just a sampling of the appetizer menu!

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Then there are the tacos. Oh, the tacos! At Tacofino they call the tortilla, “a beautiful vessel”. And beautiful they are, in presentation and to my tastebuds. I went rogue and gambled on the cauliflower taco thanks to our server’s recommendation. I don’t even like cauliflower but I was feeling adventurous. I’m so glad I was because the perfectly seasoned, crisp cauliflower was so deliciously unique! Do I like cauliflower now? If it’s Tacofino cauliflower! The achiote onion tempera, spicy not-so-fish sauce, lime, crema, cilantro, chili, and salsa verde compliments this vegetarian delight perfectly; such a satisfying main course!

My husband says the Tacofino fish tacos are like no other (and he orders those wherever we go) and I tried the grilled Waygu steak taco too. Golly, pickled vegetables are the way to get the good stuff in your belly.

We visited the Hastings Commissary location so if the menu items I mentioned have you packing for British Columbia, be sure to head that direction. Tacofino has many other locations though and each have a little variation to their menu. With eleven restaurants, trucks, and burrito bars you can’t go far in Vancouver without a Tacofino nearby. Thank goodness!

I was stuffed to the brim after our appetizer and taco spread but couldn’t say no to the dessert menu. It’s not extensive, but it has chocolate diablo cookies so nothing more is unnecessary. With a touch of cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, these cookies nightcap any visit to Tacofino. Seriously, do not leave without one or two!

As I mentioned, each Tacofino has their own extra flair and that includes hours. Be sure to checkout the various locations and their open day/times so you can be sure to pop in when they’re welcoming hungry guests. Enjoy!