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Some of this bakery's main ingredients are squid ink and taro root

At first glance, this busy bakery looks pretty status quo. The space is stocked with fresh pastries, breads and cakes. But inside these beautiful baked goods are some surprising ingredients.

For example, their Calamari Stick. For one thing it's not a stick - and for another the color of this baked good is black...not exactly the everyday white or wheat we're used to.

"We love squid ink here, it's a huge influence over in Asia," says manager Terence Adamse. "This is called a Calamari Stick. It's a ball - and that's confuses some people, but they're one of our more popular products."

Squid ink is just the start. There are also buns with melted chocolate inside, and coffee milk butter with coffee paste inside.

"The most popular bread has got to be our Marble Taro. That's our number one seller," said Adamse. "People love the taro. Tastes a little bit like a sweet potato - kind of the same consistency, but it's got like a sweeter flavor."

Taro root is another common ingredient at 85°C Bakery Cafe - going backs to the company 's origins. It started in Taiwan in 2004, and now there are more than one thousand locations across the globe, including the reason for our story: a new bakery in Lynnwood.

"We've got influences from all over, but we keep a good Taiwanese menu," said Adamse. "We just take that influence into all of our culture and all of our products."

Products include their popular drinks, many featuring sea salt - like Sea Salt Jasmine tea, Sea Salt Caramel coffee and a Sea Salt Coffee Smoothie.

With more than sixty varieties of bread and forty or fifty varieties of cake plus coffees teas and smoothies - there is a lot to choose from.

"People are very happy when they come in here, and hopefully happier when they do leave," laughs Adamse.