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Fruit Infused Teas Image: Courtesy of Steepologie

'Tea Makes Us Better': Steepologie is a tea-lover's DREAM

We found THE new spot in Seattle to get the best of the best loose leaf tea! Not only is this a tea lovers paradise, there literally is something for everyone…even us coffee drinkers! Not into tea or coffee? Just come hang out at this gorgeous space filled with inventory galore, smell the variety of flavors while you host an event, or chat it up with the owners, husband and wife duo of 20 years, Joe and Andrea Raetzer.

Leaving their corporate jobs behind in New York, Andrea and Joe decided to bring their passion for tea to Seattle and we’re so glad they did! Motivated by their slogan, “Tea Makes Us Better,” it’s obvious that’s lived out within the four walls of this brand new hot spot, located on 4th Avenue.

With over 250+ custom teas and herbal blends, each one has it’s own sniffer jar, iomaking it possible to smell your way to your perfect blend.

For the caffeine addicts, try the following:

Drink “Need for Speed” or “Super Pekoe Strong.”

For fruity fun:

Try Grapa Delight” or “Hawaiian Lei.”

The best part of visiting the store is the friendly camaraderie between Joe, Andrea, and their customers. Over and over again, people will return saying how certain teas have changed their life for the better. One customer spent so much time there, she ended up quitting her job to come work for the power couple! You can now see Emily’s smiling face when you stop in to get a cup to go or figure out a new fav.

Don’t have time to come in? No problem! Steepologie has an incredible online presence and you can get your teas shipped right to your door with the click of a button. Need some more reasons to check out this gem of a business? These featured services will leave you no choice but to fall in love with tea if you haven’t already!

Endless Steep Program:
Customers purchase an ADORABLE double walled glass infuser tumbler for $39.95 and receive 30 days of free tea service - you can come in once a day and pick one of our 250+ teas and they will steep it in the tumbler hot or they can select from two chilled on-tap teas that we rotate weekly. You can also track all of the teas you try in your online account. Also, after the 30 days they can renew for monthly tea service for just $24.95. This is a fantastic ways to try all the teas in an extremely cost-effective way! You can learn more about Endless Steep at

Steep Crate:
This is a monthly subscription box geared towards customers who don't live close enough to take advantage of our Endless Steep Program, but still want to try the teas. The initial package comes with all the essentials needed for the perfect cup of tea. After that, you will receive four 1 oz packages of tea, fresh from our store each month for $14.95! You can learn more about Steep Crate at

Fruit Infuser Kits:
These are for people who are looking for some delicious, healthy, fun teas that are infused with real fruit! There are three different kits right now (Get HI (Hydrate & Invigorate), Be Tangy and Spice It Up). I’ve tried the Get HI tea and was blown away not just by the explosive and refreshing flavor, but how good I felt after drinking it! You can learn more about infusers at

Bagged Teas:
These fresh pre-bagged blends are Above The Law, Steep Me To Sleep, Blowing Kisses, Teahawks and Cherrypalooza. You can learn more about bagged teas at

One other thing that’s imperative to mention are the mugs that available to purchase at Steepologie. From adorable monogramed mugs to hilarious, quippy sayings, Rosanna Inc., another Seattle-based business, provides the impressive mug collection for sale.

Bottom line, tea-lover or not, this is a new spot where one visit will absolutely lead to many more! Stay up to date with programs, events, and more by visiting