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FIT is an ultra-filtered milk with 75% more protein and 40% less sugar than regular milk, plus it's lactose-free.

Stay FIT with ultra-filtered milk from Darigold

Nutrition is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. Fitness trainers will tell you that exercising is only half the battle and abs are made in the kitchen. Catchy statements aside, the choices you make at the grocery store make a significant impact on your health. Recent reports show that nearly half of Americans strongly want to reduce the amount of sugar they eat, and more than half of U.S. households value protein as a factor in their purchasing decisions.

As many shoppers are well aware, saying and doing are two different actions. Avoiding temptation at the grocery store isn't easy, especially if you're in a time crunch or you've just had a terrible day. The simplest choice usually wins, and that's not always the healthiest choice.

Darigold holds your family's health at the top of its priority list when it produces its dairy products. That's why Darigold created FIT, an ultra-filtered milk with stronger nutritional value and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The ultra-filtration process used on FIT products naturally increases proteins and decreases sugars. The result is a drink with 75% more protein and 40% less sugar than regular milk.

FIT milk is also lactose-free! This means two things. First, it obviously allows anyone who is lactose-intolerant to enjoy FIT. Second, when lactose-free milk is made, the lactose breaks down into glucose and galactose, which makes the milk taste sweeter, even though it has less sugar than regular milk.

Other people who will love FIT but may not be able to enjoy a regular glass of milk are:

  • Women at risk for osteoporosis and struggle with getting adequate calcium.
  • Athletes who turn to protein drinks for exercise recovery.
  • Adults and children with diabetes who monitor their carbohydrate intake.
  • Individuals who are instructed by their doctor to avoid whole milk but don't like the taste of low-fat options.

Children will also love FIT. You've heard all about how milk helps develop strong bones because of the calcium it contains. FIT has the calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D that your kids need, plus the high-protein, low-sugar combination that will charge them up before a busy day at school. In fact, researchers have linked a healthy breakfast with increased educational performance.

The next time you're shopping for yourself and your family, remember that Darigold FIT makes health easy. It's not a fancy diet or a new exercise program. It's just milk, re-imagined.

FIT is available in whole and 2% as well as chocolate flavor. You can find Darigold FIT on the shelves of your favorite grocery store. Check out the Darigold website for more information and to find a store near you. Look for Darigold on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all of the latest updates.