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(Image: Lisa J. Bruce Photography)

Did we just find the best burger in WA state - in Stanwood?!?

More and more I’m finding that some of my favorite restaurants are tucked in the quaint downtowns of little cities in the Northwest. My most recent find being Mammoth Burger Co. in Stanwood.

I first heard about Mammoth in a local Facebook group - “Have you heard about the new burger place? Sooooo good!”

I immediately sent my husband a text, “Honey, burgers ASAP, a new place!” He was skeptical, as he always is when we stray from our regular restaurant lineup, but willing. And boy, are we both happy that date night happened at Mammoth!

It’s not just the menu though, it’s the whole philosophy behind the restaurant. Mammoth has a "full use" principle in their kitchen. That means they’re composting and minimizing waste however they can. Their beef comes from a local family farm and they pride themselves on making food from scratch. All of this contributes to Mammoth’s "better burger" and, after enjoying more than one over the last few months, I couldn’t agree more. Mammoth Burger Co. is rockin’ the burger world!

Personally, I’m a big fan of the Don’t Go Bacon My Heart - Hempler's thick cut bacon, bacon mayo, Tillamook Vintage white cheddar, lettuce, tomato and caramelized onion on an artisan bun. I’ve tried a few though and truly, you can’t go wrong. The Sweet Home Avocado is fresh and creamy and The Black & Blue is every blue cheese lover’s dream. Mammoth hasn’t just perfected burgers though. They have some show-stopping sides that are served in abundance! Giant baskets of fries and tots are available in their standard form or fancier versions like garlic (yes!) and Korean (tossed in a gochujang sea salt and topped with house pickled jalapeƱos with house made Sriracha ketchup on the side for dipping). I know, hold the phone. Soon I plan to try Mammoth’s Onion Peels and Crispy Cauliflower side dish - both sound amazing!

If burgers aren’t you go to, you can still enjoy a stop at Mammoth. An assortment of meal-worthy salads, deep fried desserts, handcrafted milkshakes, and 20 on top beers are also part of the Mammoth line up.

Is a better burger in your future? I hope so! As you turn onto Stanwood’s downtown street, just look for the bold, green mammoth right next to Jasmin Thai, Mammoth’s sister restaurant. Mammoth is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Be sure to like the Mammoth Burger Co. Facebook page, often they features specials beyond the regular menu and it’s always fun to get a sneak peek and plan a visit accordingly! I’m hoping to catch the Brownie Batter Milkshake on my next visit yum!