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<a href="" target="_blank">Bistro 76</a>&nbsp;is cozy, low-key – and not that well known. Locals of course understand the pull, but those who roll their eyes when thinking of driving to Edmonds will stop in their tracks the minute they taste a bite of this food. (Image: Taylor Benson / Seattle Refined)

So Fresh, So Kind & So, So Good; The Edmonds food stop you have to try

Bistro 76 is cozy, low-key – and not that well known. Locals of course understand the pull, but those who roll their eyes when thinking of driving to Edmonds will stop in their tracks the minute they taste a bite of this food.

“One of the most important things I like to remember when making food is that people eat with their eyes first, then their stomach,” says owner and chef, Briana Davis. “Bistro 76 is all about the food - yes, we also focus on great service but the main focus here is topnotch food.”

Each and every one of their dishes are beautifully plated and garnished, pretty much Instagram-worthy at any given moment. Not only does their food look beautiful, but the small restaurant also focuses on making almost everything in-house – nothing is purchased pre-made. If you’re a stickler for fresh food, this is the place to go. The chefs even smoke their own meats in the kitchen.

Chef Davis and Chef Jennifer Otteson have also strive to create an environment that emulates kindness.

“Our motto is kindness,” says Otteson. “Every week, we write a new quote on our chalkboard that inspires kindness within us and around us.”

Both Davis and Otteson even have matching tattoos with the word “Kindness” on their forearms, to remind them every day of their mission. The motto stems from both women’s journey through recovery. Before the opening of Bistro 76, both women struggled with addiction.

In fact, that’s another recurring theme at Bistro 76 . Multiple members of the staff are also in recovery. Together, they work through their hardships, support each other and put 100 percent into what they do.

After recovery, Davis was finally able to pursue her lifelong dream of opening a restaurant. With the help of Otteson, the two created a communal haven where they can support each other, promote kindness and do something they both love – making delicious food.

“I grew up washing dishes and helping cook in my grandma’s catering kitchen,” said Davis. “I watched her and learned from her and their head chef, Doug Nishimura. That’s really where I discovered my passion for food.”

Her grandmother has owned and operated Celebrations Catering in Edmonds for over 20 years.

“Good food runs in the family and I want to keep that legacy going,” she said.

Briana has even incorporated some of her family recipes into the Bistro 76 menu, like their fan-favorite rice fritters. Unlike pancakes, these fritters are less cakey and little more similar to a crepe.

“They’re probably the most difficult thing on the menu to describe,” she laughs. “You can’t find them elsewhere. They aren’t fried but they aren’t too sweet.”

The rice fritters are delicious even without syrup. Just add a little bit of powdered sugar, jam and you’ll choose these over regular pancakes every single time.

In fact, the pastry display case itself is a sight for sore eyes. The chefs wake up extra early each morning to make their pastries from scratch and add their own unique twist. There can be anything from banana bread donuts with a brown sugar glaze to strawberry rhubarb rolls. They even have gooey, homemade AND fresh-baked cinnamon rolls that are literally to die for. These giant, fluffy rolls are twisted with warm caramelized cinnamon ripples, and topped with a big dollop of house-made cream cheese frosting.

Is your mouth watering yet? Just wait until you see the lunch menu.

“If I had to recommend a lunch dish, I would say my favorite are the [Banh Mi] soft tacos,” said Davis. “They’re made with marinated pork tenderloin, pickled daikon radish slaw, jalapeños and then topped with cilantro and lime crema on soft white corn tortillas.”

I can assure you that your hard-earned money will not go to waste at Bistro 76. And after a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, lunch of soft tacos – who knows, you may even just want to come back for dinner too!

Bistro 76 18401 76th Ave W #3 Edmonds, WA 98026