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Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood at Snoqualmie Casino has launched a new Wagyu flight that features three premium steaks from around the world.

Snoqualmie Casino's new "Wagyu flight" features premium beef from around the world

As the weather turns colder, there's a sizzling new dining adventure for steak lovers at Seattle's closest casino. Guests at Snoqualmie Casino have the chance to sink their teeth into a truly unique collection of steaks that's almost rare enough to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You won't know what you're missing until you visit Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood at Snoqualmie Casino, so prepare for your taste buds to be dazzled by Executive Chef Justin Lee's newest creation.

Last fall, the restaurant launched the "Washington Ribeye Flight", and that was so popular that Chef Lee created an all-new flight for guests to enjoy this year. You're getting elite quality beef that you'll struggle to find at many steakhouses, and you can enjoy it at a competitive price point too.

Taste the difference when you order the "Wagyu Reserve Flight," featuring three different premium steak cuts from different regions of the world.

American Wagyu ribeye from Imperial Ranch right here in Washington state (5 oz.)

Australian Wagyu New York steak (7 oz.)

Hokkaido Japan A5+ Wagyu filet (4 oz.)

What exactly is Wagyu? Break down the word and you'll find that "Wa" means Japanese and "gyu" means cow. And while it's not in the meaning of the word, Wagyu symbolizes the gold standard in the beef industry.

Wagyu beef is more marbled than other types of steak, which is how its quality is scored. Vista's Hokkaido Japan A5+ filet is the centerpiece of an already impressive trio because it maxes out the marbling scale with a score of 12.

Wagyu beef is healthier than other red meat too. That's right, Wagyu beef melts in your mouth because of its amazingly smooth profile, and research has shown it can help with your cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health.

"Our vision is to provide the most expansive steak program in Washington state and ultimately in the nation," says Chef Lee. "Giving steak lovers the opportunity to enjoy three popular cuts from the world's three main suppliers of Wagyu on one plate is something that just hasn't been done."

If you're still not convinced, just trust history. Last fall's release of the "Washington Ribeye Flight" was met with rave reviews, featuring three different types of ribeye steak (grass-fed, ultra-Wagyu, and 45-day dry-aged), each with something different to impress your palate.

Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood is currently offering both the ribeye and Wagyu flight. Try either one today, and come back again to try both! Vista Prime Steaks & Seafood is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Click here for reservations.

The premier steakhouse is one of several restaurants open to Snoqualmie Casino guests. Stop by for a meal or a full day of fun! Snoqualmie Casino has gone above and beyond to ensure a safe and healthy environment for its guests. Check out the list of safety enhancements here.

Snoqualmie Casino is open seven days a week and located just east of the intersection of I-90 and State Route 18. Come experience everything that Seattle's closest casino has to offer.