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Fuel Up: Here's where to find the Best Smoothies in town

We’re a month into 2017, how are your resolutions going? If you’ve made one to eat healthier, I’ve got a few places around town that fit the bill. Not restaurants per se, more like juice bars or cafes that feature lighter food fare, juice, and smoothies for a healthy and fulfilling hit instead of a meal. Gone are the days of weird smoothies that use funky powders to augment their healthfulness, these are smoothies that take fruits, vegetables, and other clever touches to make a drink that is perfect for the modern on-the-go lifestyle. Here are six places in the area that bring something fresh to the table when it comes to smoothies and blended drinks. Enjoy drinking your fruits and vegetables with abandon.

Anar. This shoebox of a café located inside the Doppler building off Sixth Avenue is part of the restaurant family that include Mamnoon, Mamnoon Street, and Mbar. As befits those places, the menu at anar moves the flavors of the Middle East to different directions. They have a few juices available to order; try the namesake anar with its bright red hue loaded with pomegranates, beets, and oranges. Bump up the protein and add Ellenos yogurt to the mix. And if you need a nosh, try the balila; this chickpea soup is deliciously fortifying.

Assembly Hall. This counter spot from Tom Douglas and team features many juices and smoothies on the menu. Couple this with Assembly Hall's array of sandwiches and you can have a solid lunch. For the smoothie route, try their Orange You Glad (amongst their many drinks with punny names), which is refreshing and creamy through the mix of oranges and bananas.

Jars Juicing Company. This juice bar on Stewart Street near the Denny Triangle has dozens of juices and smoothies on their menu. Stepping iintoJars, you’ll be greeted by ordering kiosks that can guide you through favorite ingredients you’d like in your drink. Or look at their menu boards broken down by juices or smoothies and color-coded to reflect what the drink looks likes.

Juicebox. Since Juicebox first started showcasing their juices at farmer’s markets in 2012, they’ve been at the forefront of juicebars in Seattle. And for good reason. At their café on 12th Ave on Capitol Hill you’ll see the craft and care they put into their juices and smoothies daily. Added bonus for their Wellness Shots; little hits of pure health. I like the Turmeric Root for all the on-trend healthfulness this rhizome brings to the party. For the smoothie route, I’d highly recommend the Orange Coconut. Filling and enriching, smoothing and balanced, it’s like an Orange Julius for grownups and is my favorite smoothie right now.

Pressed Juicery. This West Coast chain opened their first Seattle-area Pressed location at Westlake Center (with more on the way) to feature their line of cold-pressed juices and other drinks and snacks. Be sure to try their flavors of their frozen soft serve that’s vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free; no guilt attached.

Verjus. As Brendan McGill opened restaurants and delis on Bainbridge and in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, his wife Heidi wanted a place that would have quick, light, and healthy fare. Thus, Verjus was born. As Heidi and Brendan worked on what Verjus meant to them, they wanted an easy and healthy place on Bainbridge that would feature the produce that is near and dear to them. Juice and smoothies are featured (be sure to try the Mint Chocolate Chip) and as befits Brendan’s deftness with ingredients, items like fermented peppers and mushroom powders add a unique and healthy twist to his menu.