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Starting today, Benito's Chicago Eatery is hosting a pizza competition for local White Sox and Mariners fans. (Image: Benitos)

Show Mariners pride (with pizza)

Benito's Chicago Eatery in Ballard is hosting a Mariners vs. White Sox pizza competition beginning today through Sunday in honor of the upcoming baseball series.

The rules are simple: customer can place a 'vote' for their team by ordering one of the two following pizzas:

Mariners pizza = The White Pie: house made creamy garlic dressing, chicken breast, fresh spinach, mushrooms, fresh tomato slices, pecorino romano.

White Sox pizza = Benito's Special: aged mozzarella, sausage, pepperoni, peppers, mushroom, onion, organic tomatoes, seasonings, pecorino romano.

It doesn't matter if you don't like the Mariners Pizza; go order five right now. Do it for your city!

Benito's will hang the flag of the team who wins (aka has the most pizzas ordered) during the Mariners/White Sox series from July 4 - 6.

Added bonus: when fans order pizza during the competition they'll get $3 microbrews, $3 glasses of wine, and $2 kids hotdogs.

Get to eating/voting!