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(Image courtesy of Shake Shack)

Shake Shack is coming to Seattle (!!)

Burger lovers of Seattle, the wait is finally over; Shake Shack is coming to Seattle. They broke the new on their Facebook page early Wednesday morning, and the PNW imploded with excitement. Now the eaters of Seattle can finally experience ShackBurgers, Concretes, and their crinkle cut fries in the Emerald City.

The origin story of Shake Shack is this; started out as a hot dog cart in New York's Madison Square Park in 2001, it continued to grow and when their permanent Shake Shack location opened in the park in 2004, there was a burger renaissance happening in NYC and Shake Shack caught fire. Lines ensued (and still exist to this day) and Shake Shack's steady march of opening more locations around the world begun. Originally starting in New York, they've branched out along the eastern seaboard and internationally. West Coast expansion has been a bit more methodical with LA and Las Vegas being the westernmost Shake Shack locations; until mid-2018 when Seattle finally joins the ranks.

Ever since my first visit to the Madison Square Park Shake Shack, I've been smitten with these burgers; squishy bun, melty cheese, crisp edges on their smashed beef patty. Alongside some of their crinkle-cut fries (shoutout to more surface area!) and served up by genuine hospitality. You see, Danny Meyer was the founder of Shake Shack, as he had already been one of the finest restaurateurs of NYC, he brought his sensibilities to service and hospitality to Shake Shack. And it shows. I've been to a number of Shake Shacks and all of their staff have been wonderful and accommodating. One time, I brought my daughter in her stroller when she was three months old to a Washington, DC Shack and staffers moved stanchions and made me feel welcome and not a nuisance. I won't forget that.

But back to the burgers. Right-sized and balanced, the beef is a custom blend from meat impressario Pat LaFrieda and the ShackSauce is a house secret that ties the whole burger together. The bun is a Martin Potato Roll and is perfect for burgers; the right amount of squish, it holds up to the burger and is an integral part of the ShackBurger experience (here's more on the Martin Roll and its part in Shake Shack lore). Shake Shack also serves up hot dogs and fried chicken sandwiches that are not to be missed.

Now comes the hard part; the waiting game. The Shake Shack location in South Lake Union is slated to open mid-2018, so plenty more updates and patience will be coming down the shoot. I, for one, can't wait. And when they open, we'll all be waiting in line. See you in line.