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Reyka Vodka is handcrafted in Iceland and is 40% ACL/VOL (80 proof), priced at $29.95 a bottle. (Image: Reyka Vodka)

Seattle's sister city introduces it's first vodka

What does family do? It supports one another. So when we found out that Seattle's very own sister city of Reykjavik, Iceland (a little know fact), had made and produced it's very own vodka - we wanted to scream it from the rooftops.

Reyka Vodka is hand crafted in Iceland, using lava rocks as a natural filtration system and glacier spring water. Their distillery is powered by steam from nearby hot springs - thus the name Reyka, which in Icelandic means "steam".

According to the City of Seattle, Seattle has the largest Icelandic community in the United States, and as such Reyka is offered in many bars here. The sister city agreement between Seattle and Reykjavik was signed in 1986, during Reykjavik's bicentennial anniversary.

Next time you're out and about - try asking the bartender for Reyka vodka in your drink and support our sister city!