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Photo Courtesy: Shake Shack

Seattle's Shake Shack lives up to the hype

It's a New York sensation.

What began as a single 'shack' in Madison Square Park has become a fast-casual empire. Shake Shack now has more than 100 locations, including its first Seattle outpost in the heart of South Lake Union. This place draws a serious crowd, with lines often stretching out the door and down the block. So, why is everyone flipping out over this burger spot?

"I think a lot of it comes from our mission, and the core of our mission is to stand for something good," explained Rachid Alaoui, the General Manager of Shake Shack SLU. "Our meat is 100 percent antibiotic, hormone free. You can taste the difference. The bun, The Martin's Famous Potato Roll out of Pennsylvania. That just brings that burger together. So really sourcing that high quality product is important to us, and really serving that classic roadside burger the way it was meant to be."

The ShackBurger is their staple. 100 percent all-natural Angus beef topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato and their signature ShackSauce. But, at the Seattle Shake Shack they added something new to the menu, the Montlake Double Cut.

"It's a Seattle exclusive burger. It's the first time Shake Shack has done this in our history. We're really excited to feature all these great local products and pay homage to the cultural and agricultural heritage that this great city has," said Rachid.

The base of the burger is two patties of locally-sourced beef, topped with Beecher's Just Jack cheese. It's finished with caramelized onion and grainy mustard mayo, both made in house, and nestled in a Macrina Bakery bun.

Another celebration of Seattle is the coffee and croissant concrete. Theo dark chocolate chunks, coffee caramel sauce and a crunchy Sea Wolf croissant brittle, mixed with silky smooth frozen vanilla custard. The perfect post-burger treat.

After seeing and tasting what Shake Shack is all about, it's clear, the long lines and the hype are definitely warranted. The big question do they have plans for more Seattle locations?

"We're definitely laying down our roots in Seattle," said Rachid. "We'd like to focus on our South Lake Union location for now, but stay tuned."