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Owner Chad Ostrom pours on the jelly on a a peanut butter and jelly hot dog from Rain City Hot Dogs, located at the Lowe's on Rainier Ave. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

PB&J Hot Dog? Trust Us, You Gotta Try These Unique Seattle Dogs

These aren't your grandpa's ballpark hot dogs! Although, side note - those are great too. We traveled around the city on the hunt for the most unique Seattle dogs - and we were shocked at how many variations on the classic there really are!

Dog in the Park
We started at Dog in Park in the heart of downtown Seattle, which owner Ramazan Senturk claims in the birthplace of The Seattle Dog.

"There's a New York Dog, Chicago Dog, Philadelphia Dog and now we have Seattle Dog," said Senturk. "It started right here."

If you're like us and had no idea what a Seattle Dog is - think cream cheese. A lot of cream cheese.

"Cream Cheese, toasted bun, caramelized vegetables, bon appetite," said Senturk.

Well, whether or not this is where it all began - we agree, the Seattle Dog is world-class delicious.

Das Brat Wagen
Still hungry, our next stop was Das Brat Wagen, which loosely translates to "The Sausage Cart". Owner Alex is out rain or shine, grilling up the best German-inspired brats in town. We went for the classic, and ordered The German.

"[The German] is just a 1/3 pound smoked brat with sauerkraut on top," said Alex. Um...just?! There's also a variety of German mustards you can slather on to your heart's desire.

"Some of these sauces (or mustards) I make myself," said Alex. "Like this one for example is my Gotcha mustard. It's a Sriracha mustard made with the smokey garlic onion mustard."

We were very impressed with The German - the sausage was excellent, and we could tell it was just a good quality meat. The sauerkraut isn't too sweet, and the gotcha sauce has a nice kick to it.

Rain City Hot Dogs
I know, I know - you've been waiting this whole article to learn about the PB&J hot dog we mentioned in the headline! You can find this unique dog at Rain City Hot Dogs in front of the Lowe's on Rainier Avenue in south Seattle.

"[The PB&J Hot Dog] is regular peanut butter, roasted raspberry-chipotle jam, cream cheese, and slices of bacon.," said owner Chad Ostrom. "The bacon is what makes it."

We were hesitant...but yep, they nailed it. It's got that savory sweet thing going on, with a little bit of chipotle in the jam.

Doggone it - now we're hungry!!