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Do yourself a favor and upgrade your next gyro or falafel here to a meal (this means fries plus soda). (Image: Chona Kasinger / Seattle Refined)

Seattle's Best French Fries

Whether it's next to a tall burger, giant piece of cod or even a cement block, we can always make room for french fries. Quite possibly the ultimate side (or entree, depending on who you're asking), there are six tasty versions of this fried food we can't get enough of. Read on for the deep fried and salty low down.

Mr. Gyros

Everyone knows Mr. Gyro's gyros are without equal but their fries? Do yourself a favor and upgrade your next gyro or falafel here to a meal (this means fries plus soda). Fries here come with crumbled feta and are the perfect accompaniment to meals here.


Well, you had to know this one was coming. The fries here are $1.75 and always made super fresh day-of. Dick's goes the extra mile and uses 100% High Oleic sunflower oil and oh yeah, did we mention $1.75? Count your change, pals!

Cafe Presse

This super cozy, French-y cafe serves their delicious pomme frites with mayonnaise. Crispy and salted to perfection, you won't be able to get enough of this stuff. Grab an ice cold beer on draft and you'll be in business.

Baguette Box

Need we say anything more than truffle oil? Made with truffle oil, Baguette Box's divine fries are indulgent and completely addicting. Load up on ketchup and napkins, Baguette Box does not mess around when it comes to fries.

Safeco Field

It's no secret that the food at Safeco field is actually pretty good. If garlic is what you need, garlic is what you'll get with Safeco's signature fry preparation. Your fingers might get too greasy to catch that fly ball, but hey-- these fries aren't going to eat themselves, right?


Look out for the bright green truck and you'll know you've found the right place. Owned by a British expat, Nosh's fries are hand cut and made with sea salt. Do yourself a solid and order the fish 'n chips here-- you won't be sorry.