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This Halloween, Go Local: Seattle's 5 Sweetest Candy Shops

More so than any other month, October is a time to enjoy the best the season has to offer...and for this month in particular, that means candy!

While most of us opt for the Costco bag of generic candies, our city is full of adorable little candy shops sure to captivate the inner child in you. You might be too old to go trick or treating these days, but you can certainly swing by these five candy shops where the cotton candy dream is still very much alive.

Fill 'er up and work yourself into a sugar haze!

Sweet Mickey's
This adorable Ballard candy shop stocks just about every candy you could possibly wish for. Cozy and colorful, whether it's fudge you desire or good ole' fashioned taffy, Sweet Mickey's more than likely has exactly what you're looking for. Hot Tip: They carry their super tasty Pumpkin and Praline Fudge through the end of November, so hop to it!

Max and Quinn's Atomic Boys Shop-O-Rama
West Seattle represent! This quirky shop has been around since 2008 and is your one stop shop for nostalgia. Max and Quinn's carry all kinds of candies you might not see in stores as much these days like Squirrel Nut Zippers and Mary Jane's. You'll also find vintage sodas galore here, so drop on by - just make sure to brush your teeth after.

Rocket Fizz Seattle
The new-ish candy shop chain opened up off-Broadway in Capitol Hill in mid-June and has a sister location in Kirkland. Rocket Fizz has its own brand of soda, which means everything from banana-nut and blue cream to smores and red licorice. Get adventurous - you'll have to report back to us on how the marshmallow flavor goes. The Capitol Hill location is open until 10 p.m. every night, so if you find yourself with a sweet tooth after dinner or drinks, you know what to do.

The Confectionery
Located in the U-Village for over 45 years, this lovely little candy shop packs a huge variety of goodies. From jelly beans to chocolate and sprinkle coated pretzels, you won't leave the Confectionery with your sweet tooth unsatisfied. Pink themed and truly the stuff of Pinterest dreams, we dare you to walk in here and not try to buy everything.

Nama's Candy Store
Ok maybe we're cheating on this one - but Edmonds is only a skip and a hop away and Nama's is totally worth the trek if you're a candy fiend. White chocolate gummy bears, peppermint white chocolate oreos, this super cute Nama's is closed Sunday and Monday, so plan accordingly.