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These Mexican Breakfasts Might Save Your [Culinary] Life

Nothing hits the spot like a good ol' breakfast burrito. Trust us, for the best Mexican breakfast in town, you need look no further than these five top notch spots where you can load on the chipotle salsa to your heart's content.

El Camion's Huevos Rancheros
El Camion has three locations in Seattle, so a legit plate of huevos is never far away. If a plate of fried eggs, black beans, rice and sliced avocado over lightly fried corn tortillas, topped with salsa verde, cilantro and cotija cheese doesn't sound heavenly right about now, we can't help you.

Senor Moose's Huevos a la Mexicana
What could possibly be more wholesome than eggs done the right way? Especially after a night out at the bar. Don't let the line on a weekend deter you, the wait is well worth it. This Ballard standby touts salsa galore and live giving takes on breakfast fare. Senor Moose's Huevos a la Mexicana is made with three scrambled eggs and is served with black beans and tortillas tomato, onion, jalapeno, cilantro... and of course, topped with avocado.

Baja Bistro Breakfast Tacos
This cute Beacon Hill spot has great service and dishes up a mean breakfast taco. In the warmer months you can eat outside, and Baja Bistro serves Stumptown coffee, so there's no better way to wake up in the neighborhood.

TNT Taqueria Breakfast Taquitos
This Wallingford standby does not disappoint with its super tasty and straight up restorative breakfast taquitos. There are five different kinds you can get here, ranging from papas dulce and kale to carne asada. The taquitos here are served on an 8 inch tortilla with eggs, monterey jack and pico de gallo.

Fonda La Catrina Chilaquiles
Ahhh, good old breakfast nachos. Fonda la Catrina serves brunch Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm. The chilaquiles here are made with house made fried tortillas with black beans, cream, queso fresco, onion and cilantro. Throw on some eggs for $1.50 and meat for $4 and you'll be ten kinds of set.