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What better way to celebrate George Washington and President's Day than with a nice appletini! (Image: Thinkstock)

Salute our first president's birthday with a George Appletini

Happy Birthday Mr. President! We're especially proud to celebrate George Washington's birthday here, in the state named after him (shut up D.C., you're not even a real state). In his honor, we thought we'd mock up a nice appletini for you all to sit and enjoy tonight. Best part? This recipe uses a WA state vodka made from actual Washington state apples - how much more patriotic can you get??

George's Birthday Appletini


2 shots Soft Tail Vodka*
1 shot your favorite Apple Liqueur
1 shot lemonade or lemon-lime soda


  1. Add ice to your shaker (the more ice you add the better chilled the appletini will be.)
  2. Add the vodka, apple liqueur and lemonade or soda to the shaker. Shake it (like a salt shaker) for 10 seconds.
  3. Strain drink contents in to martini glass.
  4. Garnish with a sliver of your favorite Washington apple.

*Soft Tail vodka is made from Washington state apples and distilled at Soft Tail Spirits in Woodinville. Check out where you can get your hands on some.