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Dairy-Free and Delicious: It's 'Vegandulgence' season at Salt & Straw

Vegans, this one is for you.

If you walk into a Salt & Straw scoop shop right now, you'll be delighted to find not one, not two, not three — but five new dairy-free options.

The Portland-founded ice cream company declared in 2019 they are dedicated to having at least 20% of their flavors vegan year-round, using plant-based ingredients like oat milk, coconut cream, hazelnut butter and avocado — which is what you'll find in the five new seasonal flavors from head ice cream maker Tyler Malek.

"We're using everything we know about the science of ice cream, including the freezing of proteins, to make the most indulgent vegan ice cream possible," said Malek. "Our dream is to change the dialogue in this world because this ice cream isn't just 'good for vegan,' this ice cream is life-changing delicious because it is vegan."

The following seasonal "Vegandulgence" flavors are available for January through Feb. 4:

Peanut Butter Strawberry Crumble

Northwest strawberries using Oregon Hill Jams, peanut butter oat milk ice cream with a salted oatmeal streusel.

Bourbon & Caramelized Honeycomb

Caramelized, chocolate-dipped honeycomb candy in vanilla oat milk ice cream spiked with Portland's Eastside Distillery Bourbon — bonus! Their distillation process renders it gluten-free.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies & Cream

Chocolate, coconut cream and hazelnut butter with chunks of house-made (gluten-free and vegan) "Oreos." Drooling over here...

Coconut Rice Pudding

Jasmine rice cooked with coconut milk, cardamom and cinnamon spices, mixed with sugar and coconut cream, then churned into ice cream.

Banana Avocado Sorbet

Avocados with bananas — don't knock it until you try it; this combo creates a lush, slightly sweet ice cream.

Salt & Straw scoop shops are located on Capitol Hill, Ballard and Totem Lake in Kirkland. These flavors are available by the scoop or pint at scoop shops, and also by the pint for local delivery. Visit for more information.