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(Image: Alex Johnstone)

Salmonberry Goods: Making farm-fresh goods a regular part of your diet

These past few months have given many of us time to reassess how and where we get our food — and that's great news! Supporting local farmers and artisans has never felt more urgent; thankfully, the founders of Salmonberry Goods were already ahead of the curve.

Company owners and Seattle natives David Rothstein and Alex Johnstone have always taken sourcing incredibly seriously. Their overall mission? "To provide the best value on the highest quality goods with the least impact possible." The pair treasures local biodiversity and works closely with partnering farms and Pacific Northwest producers to create "a higher quality of life for all."

Not only does Salmonberry Goods offer farm-to-table pastries and bread products (think sourdough focaccia, lemon buttermilk biscuits and gluten-free hazelnut brownies) but they also deliver products like handmade pasta and local meat offerings to house-roasted coffee and Willpower Chai. You can sign up for their CSA farm box subscriptions or varied, rotating temptations that may include Washington wildflower honey, garlic mustard pretzels, charcoal soap bars, bramble jam and seasonal soups. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it all!

The best news: All this goodness can be safely hand-delivered to your door (with free delivery on orders over $59), or you can arrange a pick-up from their SoDo bakery. Orders placed by 11:59 p.m. Sunday mean a Wednesday delivery, while those placed by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday ensure delivery on Saturday.

We recently chatted with Rothstein and Johnstone about the motivations behind their company and its delicious, farm-fresh offerings.

Seattle Refined: How did Salmonberry come to be?
Salmonberry Goods: Salmonberry started in 2015 as a small farm-to-table bakery with the mission of bringing people closer to farmers, and we've been at it ever since.

How have you adapted/shifted gears during these COVID times?
When coronavirus hit and the farmers markets were shut down, we knew we needed to do something to connect farmers to the people of Seattle. We dove headfirst into distributing small-farm produce from a variety of our farmers market friends and partners who were stuck without sales.

What offerings are you most proud of and excited to share?
Some beautiful new breads and handmade pasta made with 100% fresh-milled local Skagit Valley grain, farm-to-table kombucha fermented with whatever is fresh and seasonal and a cookie made with caramelized onions that might be the best snickerdoodle ever.

Why is the work you do so important?
There's a huge disconnect in our society between small farms and the communities that surround them. Corporate food has long dominated what folks eat, but we believe it's not in the best interest of people or the planet. We seek to change this by making the healthiest, most flavorful food grown by your neighbors with love for the earth more available and accessible for all.

In what ways are you able to support local farmers and purveyors?
We buy hyper locally, directly from independent organic family farms in Washington and Oregon. Our partnerships are sustainable, and our food system is stronger for it.

How can readers help support local farmers right now, too?
Signing up for a Salmonberry Farm Box or meat subscriptions will directly benefit over a dozen partnering family farms. Challenge yourself to cook with what's seasonally available! And, regularly doing a portion of your grocery shopping at your local farmers market.