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Avocado Toast Cookies.png
Avocado Toast Cookies by Rox Star Bakes (Credit: Rox Star Bakes)

Mesmerizing local Instagram account truly takes the cake with cute creations

Cute, colorful and oh-so-charming, Roxie Sieu makes unique creations that are almost too adorable to eat!

The local baker is becoming an internet sensation, thanks to her popular Instagram account @RoxStarBakes, and the tutorials on her YouTube channel truly take the cake.

She may be the Queen of Buttercream today, but it was just a few years ago that she picked up a pastry bag for the first time.

"I’d never baked anything successfully before," she said. "In fact, I think a lot of people in my life were surprised that I went down this route because I don’t know how to cook!"

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It's worth mentioning that Sieu also works full time at Microsoft, and loves it. But the call to create was strong.

"I’ve always felt this really deep want to be creative, and in 2017 I decided to go on this journey."

Eager to learn, she signed up for a cake-decorating class.

"I took a cake class locally," she said. "It was awful, they just brought a big tub of Costco Buttercream and said 'Okay, decorate your cakes.' And I’m like, 'Will there be any instruction?'"

Discouraged but determined, Sieu decided to write her own recipe for success, and teach herself.

"I spent hours at the library trying to decide which cookbooks or baking books I wanted to start with," she said. "The more I learned, the more I wanted to share with people, and I tracked that journey through my social media on Instagram."

Then, one of her creations was shared on a well known website.

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"My breakthrough project was a Kawaii Llama Sweater Cake that was featured on Refinery 29" said Sieu. "They just picked it up, and I knew at that point that I might have a little bit more to share."

As she continued making confections, her fanbase grew.

"I did a Cookie Monster Cake. I have a couple of Kawaii Halloween Cakes that I really love that are injected with rainbow and color."

You might be wondering what 'Kawaii" means.

"Kawaii in Japanese means cute - so all things cute," she explained. " A lot of the time that means it has a face!"

You can see a lot of 'Kawaii' influence in her work.

"I have a Gudetama, which is a Sanrio Lazy Egg," she said. "It’s my lazy egg cake."

As she's become more skilled, her confections have become even more creative. But Sieu's real passion is sharing her knowledge with others.

"There are so many tips and tricks, and the community [is] all so gated a lot of the times," she said. "You reach out to folks and people wouldn’t always share their trade secrets. I have no secrets! They’re all there."

Cakes are the canvas for this artistic baker - and she's on a mission.

"On this journey, my goal is to make the world a bit sweeter."