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Foie Donut.jpeg
(Image: RN74)

Foie gras donut? Walnut liquor? RN74's fall menu will warm your heart (& tummy)

Scoot over iced drinks and make room for soul warming beverages. RN74 recently released their new dinner and cocktail menu and it's definitely something to write home about.

There's nothing quite like homemade, especially during the holiday season - showcasing their house-made Nocino, a walnut liqueur made from unripe green walnuts. These walnuts were hand-picked by RN74's assistant general manager Emily Enomoto's family farm in the Willamette Valley. A few month process, the walnuts steep in alcohol for a couple of months, infused with baking spices of cinnamon and clove, as well as orange and lemon zest. After being steeped in coffee, the hot cup is topped with hazelnut whip cream and cocoa nibs. If that doesn't scream cozy in a glass then we don't know what does!

The perfect pair with your hot toddy is the Foie Gras Donut. RN74's Chef Thomas crafted a savory starter that is seared to perfection and served with wild-foraged huckleberries, Meyer lemon, Royale "foie-sitting", and almond dragee. Coming soon is the foie gras cocktail, hitting their menu in December.

Get out of the rain and swing by RN74 for their new autumn and fall menu served now until December 31st.