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Seattle Twerkshop (Image: Matt Pendleton Photography)

Remember that Twerkshop we told you about? Well, we went.

A couple weeks ago we wrote about the Twerkshop event that was coming to Seattle, and to be honest - weren't that surprised by the enthusiasm we got back from it. I mean come on, it's a TWERKSHOP folks. It's kinda amazing. But telling you about it beforehand wasn't really enough, especially given the interest y'all seem to have in it. So we went. That's right, we signed up, laced up our sneakers and got. down. to. business.

And we weren't alone.

Women of all ages, body types and fitness levels came together this weekend to twerk it out, de-stress, and burn some major calories at the Boss Chick Dance Workshop Twerkshop.

Held at the Century Ballroom in Capitol Hill, this women-only event led by Twerkshop creator Simone Sobers got women on their feet (and down on the floor) for a 90-minute full body dance workout.

“It’s a female empowered and charged environment where we laugh, motivate each other, and have a crazy good time,” Sobers said. “Women can let loose without worrying about the male gaze.”

The sold-out workshop on Friday was packed full of women ready to dance, and eager to learn the art of twerking. The result? A fun workout that felt like a dance party, and went by all too quickly. The workshop culminated in a choreographed Valentine’s Day-approved dance routine, and had women cheering each other on as they bust out their newly learned moves.

While I was a little intimated when I read that we were supposed to bring knee pads (or a towel if you didn’t have any) to class, the workout was still beginner-friendly.

“The hardest part of this workout is endurance. This is a high-intensity class but we push you through every step of the way,” Sobers said. “This workout is also choreography-heavy but it's not about being an amazing dancer. Just about giving 100% and losing yourself in the music.”

And if you had your doubts about whether or not twerking would be a good workout, fear not. According to Sobers, on average you burn between 500 to 1,000 (or more!) calories depending on how much effort you put into the class.

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