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International District noodle factory produces 80,000 fortune cookies daily

Wise Seattleites know the International District is the place to go for the best noodles in the city. But did you know some of the noodles made in the I.D. are shipped all over the Pacific Northwest, maybe even to your favorite Thai or Chinese Restaurant?

“Right now we’re probably the biggest noodle factory in the Pacific Northwest and we service the states of Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon,” Timothy Louie of Tsue Chong Co. says.

“My great grandfather came here as a worker and at that time there was no noodle, factory here in Seattle. Noodle is one of our dietary items and he saw a business opportunity.”

Founded in 1917, Tsue Chong has been turning out their “Rose Brand” noodle products for more than 100 years. But perhaps their most famous product was brought to Seattle by Timothy’s grandmother about 60 years ago.

Fortune cookies.

“She found out there was equipment to do it, so we went down to San Francisco and brought back a few machines but she had to hand fold and stuff all those cookies a very tedious process,” Timothy says.

Now machines do all the work. Baking about 80 thousand of the tiny cookies and stuffing them with fortunes every day.

And, at Tsue Chong Co., you can create your own destiny.

“If a customer wants to make a custom fortune we do that,” Timothy says.