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Casa Mia's potato and truffle oil pizza. (Photo Credit: Gretchen Bossio / Seattle Refined)

Potatoes on pizza? 100% yes according to Casa Mia

Years ago one of my very first dates was to Casa Mia in Olympia. He knew it was one of my favorite restaurants and although he had never been, added it to our evening’s agenda. Of course, he fell in love with Casa Mia (and me!) how could you not?

From their Italian-themed decor to the delectable menu, Casa Mia is one of those Italian restaurants you will return to over and over again. It is the perfect place for a date, family gathering, or to truly wow out-of-town guests.

Casa Mia has been a Western Washington staple since 1952. I am personally most familiar with their Olympia and Lacey locations, but Casa Mia is settled into Kennewick, Puyallup, Lakewood, Richland, and Yelm as well. Growth is a given when you have a delicious, budget-friendly Italian menu.

The menu at Casa Mia is not robust, just nine pizza options, plus a create-your-own variation. You can start your meal with a soup or salad (both is the correct choice!) and finish with dessert. They also offer sandwiches and a number of entrees if pizza isn’t your jam...but it’s pizza, one in particular, that keeps me a faithful patron.

That pizza is the potato with truffle oil pizza. Yes, potato. Yes, truffle oil. And a few other amazing ingredients. I know, it sounds a little crazy, and for years I avoided what my family jokingly called “the hashbrown pizza”, but then, on a whim I ordered it. To be brave and spontaneous. And, well, the “award winning” declaration wooed me as well. Now Casa Mia’s potato and truffle oil pizza is my favorite pizza in Washington followed only by the “Shady Katie” at Stone Creek Wood Fired Pizza.

This potato creation atop a hand-tossed crust is complete with gorgonzola sauce, grated potatoes, onions, fresh basil, and a drizzle of white truffle oil. It is perfect! And oh so unique. It can be baked up as a small (sufficient for two), large (also sufficient for two but with leftovers), and with a gluten free so not a soul needs to be left out.

If you can’t muster up the courage for potatoes on your pizza (but trust me you can and must at least once!), Casa Mia is often praised for their spaghetti and classic lasagne. So if you feel called to go basic, start there. When not enjoying my favorite pizza I always try to convince my dining partner (usually my husband or sister) to order both the meatball sandwich and classic Casa Mia sub with me so we can go half and half and enjoy both. It’s a fine and fair request because deciding between the two is pretty much impossible.

The Quick Lunch Special is another win at Casa Mia since for just $8.99 you can fill up on a bowl of the best minestrone, salad, and roll. This special is available as a dine-in only option from open to 3 p.m. So plan your lunch stop accordingly.

Are you sufficiently tempted to add Casa Mia to your dining bucket list? I hope so! At my most recent visit they followed social distancing and proper hygiene to a tee and are offering curbside for takeout if you prefer that over dining inside the restaurant. Call ahead to insure hours at each individual location and then prepare your taste buds to enjoy some truly spectacular Italian fare.