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Piroshki on 3rd is a restaurant, bakery and cafe located in downtown Seattle since 1994. Owned by Chef Alyssa Anderson since 2016, they are known for their piroshki, desserts, baked goods and more. Photo Courtesy of Piroshki on 3rd.

Piroshki on 3rd is a taste of Russia, right here in Seattle

Piroshki on 3rd is like a taste of Russia - right here on Seattle. Real-life babushkas (that's Russian for grandmas) are busy baking while matryoshka dolls decorate the space and patrons enjoy classics like borscht, chicken kiev and of course - piroshki.

But if you're thinking this restaurant is strictly old school - the answer is a resounding nyet!

Chef Alyssa Anderson is the owner and pastry chef here.

She cooks up scrumptious Russian food (and more) but she's not Russian at all.

"I'm Filipino," said Anderson. "Just pure Filipino. I moved here six years ago in the U.S., traveled around and met my husband. Now I'm here in Seattle working at a Russian place."

She bought the eatery in 2016, but had a passion for food as long as she can remember.

"My sister taught me [to bake] when I was seven years old," she laughs "I just loved eating!"

Simply put - she loves baking. "It just brings out the creativity in me. I just like creating all these flavors making them look really beautiful and it really makes me happy to see people eating them and being like 'Oh this is really good'... it's really fantastic to me."

Always innovating, Anderson created pinoyskis - a true multicultural mashup. Her secret?

"Filipino fillings! Mostly for piroshki they have dry fillings like the potatoes cabbage beef and they pretty much just stay in that kind of dry side," she explains. "With the Filipino pinoyshkis they're more on the saucy side."

But there are plenty of piroshki flavors too, like Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese and the ever-popular Beef and Cheese. All in all there are currently twenty-five different flavors including six vegan piroshki, like Potato Garlic and Broccoli. "I think we're the only ones - I don't think anyone else has heard of vegan piroshki," she said.

It's not just about bread and filling here. Anderson is also an amazing party chef. Her mouth watering desserts include Earl Grey and Gooseberry Macarons (filled with gooseberry jam in middle), Apple Fireball Vanilla Cinnamon Mousse (inside is a truffle made with fireball whiskey ganache), and Vegan Chocolate Rum Cake.

Locals love the food here, but these days Piroshki on 3rd has a national presence thanks to Food Network phenom Guy Fieri. Anderson and the restaurant were recently featured on his iconic show 'Diners, Drive Ins and Drives.' As for Fieri: "He was fantastic he was really nice he made it really easy for me," she recalls.

At internationally inspired Piroshki on 3rd, everyone can speak the language of great food.