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(Image: Courtesy of Pink Salt)

Pink Salt Restaurant brings a taste of Peru to Seattle

It might just be the hottest Peruvian restaurant in Western Washington — Pink Salt, where they dish up a concoction of creative cuisine.

When Ana Sofia Ponce de Leon and her husband, Corino Bonjrada, traveled to Peru, they were inspired immediately by the countries passion for culinary perfection.

"It really blew my mind," said Bonjrada. "We went to this beautiful restaurant [...] Anna and I were honored to be in the kitchen all day, and the passion that those people have, the fresh produce that they serve."

You don't need to travel to get a taste for yourself — located in Magnolia, Pink Salt strives to bring this level of Peruvian food to Seattle.

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"I am so excited because I've been in Seattle for 10 or 11 years, and I always felt that there was something missing," said Ponce de Leon. "I was always craving that Peruvian food that I grew up on, and so finally we decided to open up another restaurant, we decided we should go with Peruvian."

If you don't know much about Peruvian food, there's a bold history.

"It is a mixture of, fusion of so many different cultures," said Ponce de Leon, noting how Peruvian food draws influence from Japanese, Chinese, Italian, African and Spanish cuisine. "There's a whole variety of different cultures blended into Peruvian food, which is also its own unique thing because you're also using local ingredients from Peru that are completely different than you can find anywhere else."

Sharing this passion for food and community with others is what makes this couple happy.

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"When I see someone's face light up when they take their first bite approving food, it makes me feel so good I feel like there's a connection now between us. I feel understood and seen by this community," said Ponce de Leon. "It does bring a sense of connection."

Pink Salt is open for dine-in seating, reservations are required. Take-out and delivery orders can also be made online or by calling (206) 284-7305.