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(Image: Pie Bar - Capitol Hill)

Pie Bar on the Hill wants you to know Pi Day isn't cancelled

In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, many are struggling right now. One restaurant dedicated to pies, is hoping they can make a little difference.

"Cannot start to imagine how much good people are suffering through this, but maybe a Pi Day contribution might help bring some feel good again," said Patrick, owner of Pie Bar - Capitol Hill.

Pie Bar is working extra hard to celebrate Pi Day (3/14) this year. Usually a busy day for them, the restaurant is baking extra pies, and offering specials throughout the weekend.

135 whole pies. 810 slices.

That's what Pie Bar is serving up all day on March 14.

"I'm doing an all day and all night bake," said Patrick. "I hope the little we can help sparks another movement of kindness. More than ever it really feels like we are ALL in this together."

What's more, a portion the profit of all pie purchased at full price at Pie Bar on the Hill today will be donated to local food banks. They're also doing a Blueberry Pie Special (antioxidants!) Sale price is, you guessed it, $3.14.

Last year they made 120 pies, and sold 710 slices. This year, we think people need pies more than ever!

For those worries about contact, they have a walkup window, perfect if you're looking for limited contact.

The Pie Bar is located at 1361 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA 98122.