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This Tukwila Baker Has Perfected the Unicorn Macaron Trend

We are always on the lookout for the eye catching and unusual on Refined, from the mystical to the mouthwatering. But, we never through we'd find all of those things in a single cookie. Behold, unicorn macarons.

Unicorn macarons are the latest viral dessert trend taking social media by storm. Instagram pages filled with these colorful cookies started popping up a couple of months ago, and they're now the hot item to order right here at home.

"It was like an overnight trend. It was crazy," said Krystel Santos, owner, Krystel's Confections. "All of a sudden on social media, all you see is unicorns and it inspired me to do my own."

Krystel takes orders and sells them in local shops. Everyday she bakes a thousand or more macarons, and about 200 of those are special-order unicorn cookies.

"I think mine are a little different because some I do with the royal icing and I have some with flowers," Krystel explained. "I feel like all the ones I do, kind of have different personalities."

Just like any traditional macaron, these sweet French treats are light and crispy on the outside and chew on the inside. There's no shortage of flavors, including hazelnut crunch, strawberry cheesecake, S'more flavor and so many more.

"I just love making them because you can make them so pretty," Krystel told us. "I think baking is an art. I think visually they look good and that's why I like doing it. I like it when people bite into it and they're like oh my god, this is so good, this is like the best I've ever had."