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Sticking to Dry January? Try these Mocktails from Poppy

Ahhhhhh Dry January. What a beautiful, albeit mystical creature you are.

You always sound like a splendid idea on New Years Eve until you are stuck the following day with the worst hangover of your life and need some hair of the dog AKA a morning beer AKA a morning shot of tequila AKA a mimos. Yes I dropped the "A" off mimosa because, well, I'm sassy!

But! If you are a goal digger, goal settin' mystic, goal settin' stud muff and are sticking to your guns (meaning no alcohol for the entire month of January), you must try the mocktails from Poppy.

Poppy is setting you up for Dry January success with their mocktail menu. Lets break it down for ya.

The Poppy Resolution Mocktail Menu ($5)

The Orchard

apple cider, cinnamon, white peach, lime.

Carrot Cooler

carrot juice, mango, fennel, soda.

Near East

grapefruit, tamarind, tarragon, coconut water.

Poppy Tisane

a blend of 9 herbs and spices, served warm.

You can mix it with their house sodas, Basil Lime Fizz, Honey Ginger Ale, Pomegranate-Orange, Passion Fruit Lavender and Almond Mint Soda.

Happy sober-ing!

Poppy is located at 622 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102