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A patron exits the bar during Tini Bigs Lounge's final day of business after having served the Seattle community for over 20 years. (Sy Bean / Seattle Refined)

A farewell to Tini Bigs Lounge

After more than 20 years of stiff drinks, hearty laughs and good times, lower Queen Anne's Tini Bigs is no more. The cocktail lounge shut its doors over the weekend for the final time, and for the first time 7,412 straight days. The consecutive days open are sobering. Nothing comes close in Seattle, maybe even the U.S. The memories run deep. It's a place with character and characters... from the 1929 building, the antique bar, the patrons and of course, the bartenders. Tini Bigs, an iconic lounge on the Seattle booze scene is no longer the cool kid on the block. In the near future, a six-story apartment building will replace it. Refined was there for last call.