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Party of 3 at NUE in Capitol Hill With "Wanz" and "Frankie Starr". Yep! We ate Bugs! And a whole lot of other delicious food. (Image: Seattle Refined)

Bugs & Bunny Chow: This local menu is wonderfully weird

In this edition of Party of Three we sat down at Nue in Capitol Hill. Nue is the brainchild of owner Chris Cvetkovich, an avid traveler who wanted to bring street food from around the world back home to Seattle. If you're looking for something tasty and out of the ordinary, Nue has definitely deliver.

Our own Carey Brandenburg sat down with two fellow food adventurers and veterans of the Seattle music scene. Frankie (Frankie Starr) Yaptinchay is part of the Seattle hip hop group Lions Ambition, and Michael Wansley, better known as Wanz, became internationally famous for his hook in the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis mega-hit “Thrift Shop”.

Here’s a look at the eye-popping international food we ate:

  • Water Beetles from Thailand (This one’s off the menu, but they’ll bring it out if you ask).
  • Grilled Barbadian Pig Tails with Jerk Glaze and Cilantro (Eat these delicious morsels like ribs).
  • South African Bunny Chow with Chicken Breast, Indian Masala, Lime Cilantro, Served in a Pullman Bread Bowl (And no, there’s no bunnies in this dish).
  • Chengdu Spicy Jumbo Chicken Wings with Green Szechuan Peppercorn, Fish Sauce, Lime, Chili, Basil, Mint, and Thai Chili (Watch out for those chilies, they are not mild).

Pretty wild! Check out the full menu at